Good Health is Wealth


JULY 17th 9 am-12 pm at The SHOPS under the Apartments on 9219 Garland Road

Join mPower Physical Therapy, Opal Healthcare and Wellness, Thryv Organics CBD, and Well Grounded Coffee Shop to have some fun, learn tips and tricks for optimal health from local experts.

We will have food trucks, Dog adoption, music, scheduled educational talks and much much more...


Fun For The Whole Family

We are going to have Live Music, Food trucks, pet adoptions, Balloon animals and much much more...

Plus, Come Learn more about these topics when you visit these businesses:

  • Learn How to Avoid Medications, Surgeries and Procedures to Live your Best Life (Free Consultations at this event)
  • Why Seeing a Nurse Practitioners can Change Your Health!
  • Is All CBD the Same? Learn How CBD can Help YOU! (FREE samples and CBD Consultations)
  • Community- Hear a story of giving back to the community to help women thrive!

THE 1st Annal Block Party

Come Support the Women Owned Local Businesses and Learn How to Empower Your Health

mPower Physical Therapy

This Company has saved thousands of clients to avoid Surgery! Clients how have had surgery scheduled canceled it! We have clients who are told they need surgery who did not need it and got their life back and understand how to manage their body! Our body has an amazing ability to heal if you give it the right environment. We Learn the myths of Back Pain... You do not have to live with it!

Thryv Organics- CBD

This is a women owned company who started this business because they were looking for help themselves with health conditions. Not all CBD products are the same.. Most companies do not help you dose CBD for your body, but this company does. Come learn more on how CBD may help you! CBD helps with pain relief, sleeplessness, anxiety, and much more. Plus we have Pet products too!

Opal Health Care and Wellness

As Nurse Practitioners we establish culturally sensitive partnerships with patients, encourage self-advocacy and place a unique emphasis on the healthcare and well-being of the whole person through healthcare promotion, disease prevention, healthcare education, and counseling. We guide patients in making smarter healthcare and lifestyle wellness choices.

Well Grounded Coffee

We’re not just a coffee house; we operate a non-profit called The Dignity Project. We partner with Exodus Ministries to help provide women who were formerly incarcerated a chance to change their destiny. We believe in second chances. Come learn more about how one company can change a community- You will not want to miss the stories of the women's lives that have been changed!

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(214) 538-2559

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