Do you want Strengthen your CORE but your Back Pain gets in the way? Frustrated that your Back Pain comes and goes? Are you fearful of slowing down due to your BACK GOING OUT?

THEN you will want to JOIN: PILATES BASICS: Getting You [BACK] to Living Life

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Starting in March 2020

Did you know that 80% of people WILL have a debilitating episode of back pain at some point in their life? And that it usually happens in your 40's or 50's?  

Pilates Basics: Get You [BACK] to Living Life is a one-of-a-kind 8-week program is a safe, yet highly effective Back Program to get you back to doing core strengthening exercises that are easy on the joints, designed to lessen back pain, and help improve your flexibility and posture.  

This program is more than just a class - it's a learning experience that will leave you feeling confident and empowered about how to exercise properly and NOT hurt your back! You will have weekly homework exercises to progress you to being more active and confident in your movements.  


Who is this program for:

  • You're aged 40+ and want to get a stronger core, but are fearful because your "back might go out."  
  • You're always injuring or "tweaking" your back when you exercise (hint: understanding why this happens is key and will learn in this course.)  
  • You're worried about getting older and do not want to slow down - you're looking for a safe and sustainable exercise system that won't make your back worse and will keep you strong and healthy
  • You're tired of searching Google our YouTube for the "best core exercises" and getting either injured or disappointed. It's time to learn from experts - and learn to strengthen your core the RIGHT way - and safest, most effective way possible.

Only 6 Available
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What you will Get:

  • An understanding of Why Back Pain Happens
  • How to Stop Back Pain from Coming Back
  • Less Back Pain and Stiffness
  • Improved Posture
  • Confidence in Your Movements and Activities
  • Improved Flexibility and Mobility 

In this 8-week program, you'll learn specialized, foundational, core-focused exercises that are designed to not only strengthen your core from the inside-out - but that will help you learn to move the right way - so that you never have to rely on pills, injections, or procedures again!  

Program Details

 1 hour sessions Every Wednesday from 4-5 pm for 8 weeks  

Private Facebook group for accountability and to get your questions answered between sessions  

Video recordings of ALL the content and exercises (that you keep for life)  

Paced education and instruction for a healthier back and stronger core!

Week 1: Why Back Pain is So Common, But it Does Not Have To Be. 

- Anatomy of the spine and why back pain is the most prevalent debilitating injury in the US -Why common procedures such as injections, Medications and Surgeries don’t work -How your Daily activities impact the health of your spine -How doing this one thing can change your back health forever! _______________________________________________________________________ 

Week 2: It is All About Mobility First – Motion is Lotion.

-Why mobility is more important to get first before starting core strengthening -How mobility in your thoracic spine and hips affects issues at the lumbar spine. -Easy ways to work on getting more mobility for your spine -How Breathing helps improve your mobility ______________________________________________________________________ 

 Week 3: The Forgotten Part of Core Strengthening- The Missing Link

-Most people forget about this part of the core- the missing exercise -How proper breathing helps to activate your core -Learn how active stretching and strengthening can increase your mobility. ______________________________________________________________________

Week 4: Pilates Basics

-Welcome to the basic movements of Pilates -Learn how strengthening the core will help you move better throughout the day and will help you with balance and efficiency during movements, have more energy and less injuries. -Learn how activating the correct muscles will help eliminate your stiffness -Find out what neutral spine is and how activate your lower abdominals properly _____________________________________________________________________________

Week 5: Glutes the thing we all leave behind!

-Why is this area so important, it is not because we sit on it. -Stability and balance come from this area of the body -Learn some basic exercises that will target these areas _____________________________________________________________________

Week 6: Cervical and Thoracic Areas

-Help keeping you from looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame -How the Thoracic spine affects your neck, shoulders and back movements -Reversing the damage from always looking down at your phone or computer -Learn exercises that will be tailored to your level ____________________________________________________________________

Week 7: Multi plane movements and why they are important

-As we age, we tend to move more in one direction- why multiplanar movements are important -Learn how to move and twist without hurting your back -Learn targeted exercises that will be specific to your level of activities _____________________________________________________________________ Week 8: Pilates in our Everyday life and Celebrations

-Learn how Pilates will help with your balance and falls -Learn how to keep out of the rocking chair and stay active at any age -Review how posture affects back pain -Go over Functional activities with ergonomics -Breathing throughout the day 

Want to talk to a Physical Therapist first to make sure this program is RIGHT for you?? Send us an email at or HIT APPLY NOW as we will talk with everyone to make sure they are a good candidate for this program. Remember we have LIMITED SPOTS

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