Hiring: Physical Therapist

We are looking for someone who: 

  • Wants to live a Mission to Changing the Way Healthcare is Provided.
  • Wants to have weekly mentorship so you can be the best physical therapist. 
  • Wants to GET OUT of the sea of exhaustion from seeing multiple patients at a time and the paperwork nightmare.
  • Is a self starter.
  • Wants to have a better lifestyle while still being a physical therapist.
  • Is being "organized" as a top priority in your life and are able to multi task and prioritize projects, while meeting deadlines for your day.
  • Can communicate effectively with people from all different backgrounds.
  • Is good at building relationships.
  • Loves to learn, grow, and has a postive outlook on life.
  • Is able to speak up when you see something that is not working and can anticipate the needs of others because you show up to work knowing the smallest details that make a difference.
  • Who wants a Full Time Position- 32-40- hours a week with benefits.

If this sounds like "you", then apply to join our team now. 


About mPower Physical Therapy

We are a growing private physical therapy practice who is doing healthcare in a different way. We Empower People to END their Pain and Stiffness, to Stay ACTIVE, and Keep their MOBILITY to Live Life Every Day!– without the use of pain pills, procedures or frequent medical appointments. We help people who have failed treatments elsewhere. 

We empower people to get back to the activities they love again by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to make sense of their symptoms and feel confident in their bodies. 

So often in healthcare you feel like you are a number, you get to spend 5 min with your healthcare provider and are rushed out of the door. If you want to be apart of this mission of providing a different kind healthcare, be apart of something bigger, like to laugh and have fun, like to learn and most of all love to take care of people, then you are in the right place.

 We only treat patients on a one on one basis so we can truely take care of our patients. We not only want to create a better lifestyle for our patients, but for our staff as well. I am done with the corporate lifestyle of being maxed out while still having to do more. That you feel like the numbers you have to meet for productivity outweights what is right for the patient and you. Don't get me wrong, we have to track numbers, all businesses have to in order to keep their doors open. But treating around 25-32 patients a week is much better than treating 15-25 a day. 

How does it work?

apply for the job & follow the instructions and steps

We will review your information and have a phone conversation followed by a live interview

After the interviews, you could be hired as our newest Team member


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