Are you SUFFERING from Neck or Shoulder pain?


6 Tips to Eliminate Neck and Shoulder Pain:

  • Learn how my clients avoid surgery, injections or taking prescripton medications.
  • Learn why where the site of the pain is not often where the source of the pain located. Are you treating the wrong body pary? Treating just symptoms? 
  • Learn how my clients no longer come home exhausted so they CAN spend more time with their family.
  • Learn how my clients are able to get back to the gym without having pain in their shoulder. They are able to stay active and DO NOT have to SLOW DOWN.

P.S: We are asking for your phone number not to sell you anything or try to get you to become a patient. We know you are not ready.. We just want to hear your story and see how we can help with education first. 


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About mPower Physical Therapy

mPower Physical Therapy was created out of the frustration of our healthcare system. We had so many patients coming to us who were on medications, getting multiple injections, getting surgeries and not getting better or feeling like there is no other options. I wanted a place where people could get care and felt listened to and allow us to help you understand how you can heal your body. A place where we can get you back to what you love to do even if it is a nagging injury.  

Our goals is to END you Pain and Stiffness, to Stay ACTIVE, and Keep your MOBILITY to Live Life Every Day! We do this without pain pills, surgeries, prescription drugs, or frequent doctor visits. We help people who have failed treatments elsewhere. We mpower people to get back to the activities they love again by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to make sense of their symptoms and feel confident in their bodies.